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Large Square Splitbook

Large Square Splitbook

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Unique, high-end photobook opening from the center out.

Features of this product:

  • Ability to offer a non-traditional product
  • Split guide integrated into the designer
  • 4-panel view inside the designer
  • 4 panel 3D beauty shot render available
  • Ability to use the ‘’Rearrange layout’’ to shuffle between layouts
  • This Photobook is using the ‘’Gifting module”, so there are no animation or autofill options

Also included in that product :

  • Ability to choose different filters for the uploaded photo
  • Multiple Styles available
  • Selection of more than 120 fonts, colors, and embellishment
  • Selection of Clipart from Mediaclip default assets library
  • Selection of Plain and 2 tones Background from Mediaclip default assets library
  • Help tool and tutorial available
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